«Ariel» (2005, O.F.S)

In the history of troubadours in Cuba, they have all been multifunctional and interchanging in their expression, according to their circumstances. Therefore, they often change genre (and style) or mix it with the intention of finding a determined ending. In his debut record, Ariel Cubillas Cuban singer/songwriter who has resided in Seville has enrolled to this tradition. Perhaps, because this CD has been made from nostalgia, and within it there is a reassurance of Ariel’s roots, on this record you can appreciate various rhythms and melodic Cuban twists, however transformed until converted into something new and different from the usual, so brilliant as well as sincere, and, in any case, musically effective. This way, in the album (very professionally produced by Alejandro Frómeta), you can experience the exchange between traditional Cuban music and signs of other musical sounds, such as some traces of flamenco. An excellent example of Contemporary Cuban Song, Ariel’s first disc is one of those which you must treasure at home. Joaquín Borges- Triana.